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Pre-owned 3-seater couch for sale

Pre-owned 2-seater couch for sale

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I am in need of some information.
I posted this question on Yahoo! Answers, but so far the only answer I received did not help me in any way. I figured I should post it here as well.

The question is:

Does anyone know of any online games news websites? These could be websites that list online PC games, review games, have forums about online games, and other stuff? Some examples are mmosite.com, gamespot.com, etc. My search has so far been futile and now I need some help. :(


Hey, it's 2009~
Some thoughts for my first post of the year:

Having an item exchanged at Landmark is like watching a snail crawl--it's painfully slow to watch and sometimes you feel like just stepping on the damn thing out of frustration. I needed to have the socks I bought my dad exchanged for other socks of the same price and it took more than two clerks to process it. No wonder Landmark is cheap; everything is still by hand.

There are some benefits to having 2pm-10pm work hours--I get to do my errands in peace while everyone else is at work. This morning I had to go to Landmark, Glorietta and SM to exchange and purchase more items for the new apartment we're moving into on the 10th. Everything was a breeze and I was done in about an hour and a half (took me a while to decide on which cooking utensils to purchase). The same activity probably would have taken me longer had I done it at 6pm. 

The bad part? I have to go home late. :(


I love visiting the website ICanHasCheezburger, a website where funny pictures of cats are made even funnier with captions. Visit it. ^^

They even have a section where you can make your own LOLs, and caption photos your own way. I have a ton of hilarious photos I took of my cats and dogs, but I decided to try out a couple of photos first:

Going to make more as soon as I get all my photos uploaded. Hehehe.

This is me ranting about a book
I am quite ashamed to say that I bought the book Twilight yesterday. Ashamed because, well, that's not normally the kind of stuff I read. I mean, I'm not above reading love stories, or vampires (hello, Anne Rice!), but Christ, this book was light. 

I was first made aware of it after seeing the books so prominently displayed in bookstore shelves under the Bestselling tag, and seeing young girls going ga-ga over it (should've been a warning right there). But I was bored yesterday, and too tired from carrying my laptop to bother going off someplace else to look for my usual authors. 

I had gotten off work early and decided to wait for P at High Street in Global City. Fully Booked is always a great place to hang out in, so I entered and looked about for a book to read. Twilight was there, so tantalizingly close, and so tantalizingly close to a chair. So I thought, what the heck, might as well see what everyone's so hung up on. 

The book was pretty entertaining in the beginning, but really dragging, what with all the description about the beautiful vampires (thank you, I get it. THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL). Who doesn't like reading about vampires? Especially vampires who don't melt in the sun and drive fast cars? 

I was so engrossed in the book and wanted to find out more about the vampires that when P finally arrived, I couldn't bear to put it down and just had to buy it. I regretted my decision when we got home and I got to the middle of the book. 

AND I BOUGHT THE HARDBOUND VERSION. Just thought I'd say that to punish myself more. Also, because it was relatively cheap for a hardbound book (another warning).


The love story is blah, the vampires weren't as mysterious or interesting as they were made out to be, and the whole thing with them being beautiful and all was starting to get on my nerves. 


I'm reminded of the other vampire novels I've read over the years. There was Anne Rice with her beautiful and murderous vampires, and Poppy Z. Brite's Lost Souls novel, a book I had read a few years ago and liked. A bit. If not for all the gothic emo crap thrown in. 

Which do you prefer, emo vampires, or pretty ones?

Then there was the movie 30 Days of Night, a film that scared the shit out of me and kept me up at night for nearly a week. Heck, I like their vampires better. At least they can be killed. Haha. 

Who wouldn't be scared of a vampire that hasn't visited a dentist in years?

So, where was I... 

I'm not really sure. It's been a while since I last ranted, and I have no definite ending for this one. Let's just say that I am quite scared for this generation's reading habits if a book like Twilight made it into a bestseller list and is now a widely anticipated movie.


Let's just let that sink in for a while.

Plurk time
Let's plurk!

Pets and Guild Wars
I currently have three animals in my flat--a dog named Bruno, and two mischievous kittens named Midori and Toru.

All three have their personal quirks--Bruno knows when it's time to take a bath and will hide under the couch, Midori knows when it's time to eat and will constantly try to jump up my legs to reach the food I'm preparing, and Toru... well, he likes to eat fingers.

P and I are big Guild Wars geeks. We love the game, and even though work and other matters take us away from it for a while, we still go back again and again. We're such geeks we've even used the game to describe my pets.

In the game, there are also pets that characters can tame and use in combat. These pets have their respective qualities and damage-dealing abilities.

My own pets also have their own abilities, as we have identified using the Guild Wars guide.


She's very sweet, people-friendly, cuddly, and TERRIBLY CLINGY. She's harder to take off than industrial Velcro. She will jump on you while you pee in the bathroom, jump on your shoulder and stick her butt in your face while you watch TV on the couch, and hang off your arm while you try to prepare their food in peace.

And because she is still affected by gravity, she will fall if she does not have anything to hook her claws on. Unfortunately for me, most of the time it's my skin her claws dig in. People can tell if you have a cat at home when you go around sporting little red slashes on your hands, arms and legs, with some healing, some still bloody, and some already scabbed and itchy.

For this reason, we have determined that she has SLASHING DAMAGE. Painful, quick, and difficult to avoid. You never know when and where she's going to strike.


Toru is just as sweet and playful as Midori. He is also very curious about her, though she will claw his eyes out as soon as he tries to approach her. Toru is also a little dumb; he doesn't know how to jump up to the washing machine using my bike's wheel (they stand next to each other) and has to cry out pitifully before I pick him up and place him there to eat. Nor does he know how to use the freaking litter pan, despite my many attempts to place him there when I see him start to claw the floor.

I need patience.

But what he is, is friendly. He immediately took a liking to Bruno, and the two can play with each other all day, with Bruno giving up first (must be the age--he did just turn 3, after all). He is also very talkative, and will constantly meow till I can't take it anymore and submit to his whims, which usually means carrying him to wherever he wants to go. Sometimes it's so bad I have a hard time sleeping at night because he also wants to jump up on the bed and--GET THIS--eat my fingers. Or toes, if he can't reach my fingers.

P was the unlucky recipient of his playbites when he slept over the other night on the couch. The next morning, groggy and ill-tempered, P told me how Toru meowed the whole night and tried to jump up on the couch. Then when P put up a pillow as a wall, Toru jumped up on the couch's arm.

And according to P: "di mo ko naririning mura ko ng mura nung isang gabi." Poor P.

Based on his actions, we have determined that Toru has PIERCING DAMAGE. Toru's bites are quite painful, but can be dealt with easily with a sharp tap on the head and a firm NO. He still hasn't quite got it, though, but I'll give it time.


So where does all that leave Bruno?

Well, we think Bruno is a HEARTY pet. He is an active dog, eats a lot, and is quite on the heavy side. He also once attempted to jump down from a 3-foot tall grocery cart, fell on his face, and promptly walked away. And so far, Toru's claws have not dented his thick fur.

Yes, he is quite hearty indeed.

I currently have my hands full, and my pockets rapidly emptying, so I don't think I can take on another pet. But when I do, I expect it will also have qualities we can identify using our Guild Wars knowledge.

About music and copyrights


In the past I'd gotten warnings for posting music that was copyrighted. That was when music was still downloadable from the site. Now that you've taken that feature out, is it now ok to post copyrighted music on my site?

I just want to be able to post the music I like without worrying that I might get reported again for having (unknowingly) uploaded copyrighted content.




It is never all right to post copyrighted materials, per our terms of service (TOS). Not only is it a violation of our TOS, it is against the law. Please refrain from posting this type of material or your account will be shut down.

Thanks - Nik



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